Permanent Natural Deep Bleach Creme For Dark Colors 1 gallon


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INCI: Distilled water, aloe vera,undecylenoylphenylalanine,ellagic acid, pterostilbene, tetrahydrocurcumin, isoflvones,piperlongumine, emblica, Pearl powder,alphaarbutin,betaarbutin, mulberry root extract,Niacinamide,glutathione,natural fruit acid,sodiumlactate,alpha, N-acetyl cysteine, licorice root extract,azelaic acid, retinoic acid,cetearyl alcohol, sodium hyaluronate,PEG 150,optiphen, fragrance.

You may request up to 2% hydroquinone be added

When we say "Permanent" we mean; the products provide very stable deep skin whitening and even brightened complexion. The complexion you achieve while using these product is stable, and does not fluctuate from black to white. We do not mean that the ingredients will create a new gene and change the skin from black genetic skin type to a white genetic skin type. We mean; there are no patches of dark and bright areas, no dark knuckles, knees and toes, the skin is uniformly even. Not suitable for skin type that is void of melanin