• Advanced Poly-Phenol Peel 30%-16oz

This is the strongest medical peel available for professionals only. Do not purchase this peel if you are not a licensed aestheticial. Contains 30% phenol for instant skin whitening procedures.

Ingredient: Water, Polyphenol, Caprylyl Glycol
Instruction: For the peel: Wear your Glove
Apply any pre-peel solution over the treatment area.
Damp generous amount in cotton ball
Scrub deeply and gently over the discolored area for few seconds or as tolerated.
May apply up to 2 coats if tolerated.
Rinse off immediately or in less than 1minute..
Apply  peel neutralizing agent
Follow up with any non bleaching moisturizing cream, or skin oil.
Repeat the next day: Treat again day 2
Third day: Last treatment.
After the third day, the discoloration disappears.
Do not treat again.

For melasma or resistant areas, repeat treatment after one week and follow the above. Wear gloves.


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Advanced Poly-Phenol Peel 30%-16oz

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